We believe that children are central to their own learning.  We make the use of two approaches in program planning – “child- centered and child – initiated”.  In child centered planning teachers observe and then create learning opportunities based on children’s interest and abilities.  Child – initiated learning requires that the child makes decisions as to the experiences they involve themselves in.  There are several opportunities given to children so that they will involve themselves in the experience.


  • To develop a positive self image, a feeling of self worth and competence
  • To learn to live effectively with others and to value one’s own rights and the rights of others
  • To create opportunities to succeed physically, intellectually and socially
  • To facilitate and expand language skills, to stimulate curiosity and to strengthen gross and fine motor skills
  • To develop emotional stability by helping the child cope with aggression, anger etc. and to understand the difference between feeling angry and acting angry
  • To help the child develop social awareness through interaction with other children and responsible, accepting adults
  • To have fun

These principles reflect our basic philosophy: that a good program will acknowledge the uniqueness of a child.


At Tiki’s Day Care Centre Inc. we believe in age appropriate learning.  Our daily programming has been designed to challenge and stimulate each child’s level of development.  We provide structured and consistent routines that offer a sense of security, and a sense of self worth.  We aim to enhance the child’s cognitive, social emotional and physical development.

A big part of our program is music math, drama, language, science, technology, physical activity and art.  Responding to music comes naturally to all young children.  Toddlers enjoy music that helps facilitate movement, communication and socialization

Music provides:

  • A rhythmic beat that helps coordination
  • Patterns that help to anticipate what comes next
  • Developing large and fine muscles through finger play, and dancing
  • Developing language through stories and rhymes
  • A magical and enjoyable experience

Math provides:

  • The ability to understand patterns
  • The ability to understand categories
  • The ability to understand continuity

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